1. Written from the heart Karl you get your point across in the most articulate way. I am forwarding this on to a few friends who are feeling very low right now in the hope that your fighting words will give them hope.

    Nice one.

  2. thanks a million maryrose!

  3. Paul O'Connor

    Super sentiments, Karl. One of your best yet. “You lack the creativity to provide answers, don’t worry, we have it in droves”: Yes.

  4. Numpty

    To be honest, judging by the hassle and cockups we endured from our lender just to get a simple mortgage earlier this year, a lot of you deserve to be going out of business anyway.

  5. L Furlong

    Thanks Karl,

    If only our Government could express those sentiments. I’ve spent the last year regretting that green card I let go in the eighties.

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