Cortix, c-o-r-t-i-x: sales calls that fail

We got a phone call from ‘Cortix‘ today, it was from a number starting with 0033 (France) and the lady said she was calling from ‘C o r t i x’, she spelled it out when I asked ‘who are you looking for’, and then the only response was ‘we want to speak to the business owner’, I asked what it was in connection with and was told (yet again) it is in connection with ‘C-o-r-t-i-x’ and I said ‘I don’t know what that is’ at which point she hung up on me.

I have worked in a sales environment my whole life and never made or heard such a weak sales call in my life, so I google the company and it turns out they are known for ‘hard sales’…. Turns out other people have issues with them too but not for making the most sorry-excuse-for-a-sales-call-ever reasons.

If ‘c-o-r-t-i-x’ call, be sure to tell them to ‘g-e-t’ ‘l-o-s-t’. What kind of sales person hangs up on their prospect?!

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  1. They phone me 2-3 times a week (different people each time). Apparenty they are looking to optimise your web-site (I managed to wrestle this info from theim on third or fourth attempt). When you tell them that you already employ services of a professional SEO, they normally get lost. I recon “Hard sales” means that they keep calling you over and over again until the prospective client is so sick of their calls that he/she gives them business just to stop it.

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