China’s empty city: Is the house of cards set to fall?

While the world and its brother thinks China will be running the world within the next decade, we have felt to the contrary for some time, while the opportunity was massive in the last decade, China of the present day has simply too many political and social issues to overcome to reach the next level without coming clean on many issues such as labour rights, human rights, property rights, and a fair currency. China is also the only country that knows its GDP four years in advance, and while we are huge fans of the transformation China has undergone since the 60’s it just doesn’t sit well with our belief in free markets to accept that you can engineer an economy on an ongoing basis.

We’ve been wrong before, so disagree with passion, but at the same time, you can’t ignore the fact that China has some massive hurdles to overcome if they are truly to be a lasting world power, those matters are simply too diverse – from environmental issues to how minorities are dealt with – to overcome seamlessly and rapidly, hence, they will see booms and busts as well, decoupling is still a myth (for now).

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