Central Bank Mortgage Cap Calculator: did you get shafted?

We have designed a simple calculator that lets you put in your property price, what rents you are currently paying, how you think prices will change and how many years it would take you to save a 20% deposit if you only have 10% now.

Just download the excel file, fill in the bright yellow boxes on the first sheet, and then scroll down to the green area to find out if you win or got shafted. (download here)

You can play around with different scenarios, but suffice to say that a regular couple who have €25,000 saved up and are looking to buy a property for €250,000 today will be worse off if rents and property prices went up by 2% a year (and it took them 4 years to save the additional deposit required) to the tune of €15,500.

We don’t believe it is in the remit of the Central Bank to damage the balance sheets of financially healthy individuals, but you can test your own hypothesis and see how it works out.

Have fun! (until this becomes reality, then it won’t be much fun at all, it will be depressingly true).



  1. Cezar

    I came across your calculator looking on the web to make an opinion ref the new mortgage rules. I think your scenario from the excel file misses something. As the rent is comparable with the mortgage cost the same family should save the same amount on both situations rent/mortgage. When you calculate the diferences you don’t take into account any savings for the “mortgage today” case.

    • Karl Deeter

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that? Do you mean that if rent is €1,200 and the mortgage cost is €1,250 that the €50 difference should be factored in? In the green cells towards the bottom there is a cost comparison along with a capital position comparison? Please let me know more as I’d be eager to correct any errors as long as the foundation of them is materially relevant. Thanks for dropping by too!

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