Best Deposit Rates: June 2011

If you would like any advice on deposits (apart from rates which we provide below) then you can call us on 016790990. There may be other issues such as wanting to deal with non-Irish banks, or only banks that are covered by the Irish guarantee, we can guide you through.

Best Demand Account: Nationwide UK (Ireland), ‘Easy Access’ 3%

Best 6 month fixed: KBC Fixed Term 1.75% (CAR 3.58%)

Best 1yr fixed: PTsb ‘Interest First’ 3.71%

Best 18mth fixed: EBS Broker 6.5% (CAR 4.29%)

There are other deposit options with longer terms, and also with different choices or durations than our ‘quick list’; but we wanted to cover the most popular ones primarily so if you have further queries then you know what to do!

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