Best Deposit Rates in Ireland: January 2010

Below are a selection of the best deposit rates available in Ireland as of January 2010.

Best Demand Account*: Anglo Irish 3.1%

Best 1 month Account: PTsb 3.25%  (€10,000 minimum)

Best 3 month Account: Investec 3.25%

Best 6 month Account: Investec 3.25%

Best 1 year Account: Investec & Anglo Irish, both at 3.5%

Best 2 year Account: Irish Nationwide 3.49%
* with no restrictions

Note: there are some accounts that pay more, but they tend to have limits on the amount you can earn interest up to and some have restrictions involving certain amounts being lodged regularly or where above a certain amount you don’t get the same rate. If you have any queries call us.


  1. Gav

    ….or you could buy Prize Bonds! Last two years for me have returned 5%PA tax free. Not guaranteed but a bit of craic nonetheless.

  2. typical Gav! lol… yer obviously the jammy sod who repeatedly wins! I never got a cent for any of mine!

  3. Hi Karl, Loving the blog. But do you think posts like this could use a disclaimer? E.g. “Anglo Irish 3.1% – but run by a shower of unbelievable thieves and cowboys” etc… I know most of your blog readers would be wise to their tricks, but you might get a few grannies investing their old punts in Anglo, and that might not be the best decision for them.

  4. Hi Foolish Penny!

    I saw your site recently too – like the light-hearted look! (think I found it on twitter?), anyway, as much as I’d love nothing more than to describe companies based on my opinion of them (which you outlined quite eloquently), you’ve gotta remember, that they have an unlimited guarantee as a nationalised bank so the security of the money placed with them is backed by ever tax payer, thus, it’s as safe as you could hope for, in fact, it is so safe that they really shouldn’t be paying those kind of rates at all!

    The fact is that it is such a badly run institution that nobody would touch them if they weren’t paying the best prices in the market and that is quite literally a transfer from the taxpayer to the depositor!

    thanks for coming by! see y’back soon!

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