Bank won’t call back? Give them a grenade to play with.

I saw a post on twitter saying the bank wouldn’t call a person back despite 2 visits and a few direct messages being sent.

If you are in that position here’s a step by step guide on how to get them to engage with you.

1: Call and whoever answers the phone ask for their first and second name, the department they work for and where their operations are based.

2: Then ask them to tell you the name of their direct supervisor.

3: Then ask them for that supervisors direct line phone number.

4: Then ask them to transfer you, if you get cut off revert to the direct line number given.

5: Ask the supervisor for the name of the compliance officer for the firm, not the departmental one, but the group one, that you have an issue with non-contact and you want to make a complaint stating that you will be mentioning the supervisor (as his role reflects on how that team is run).

6: Sit back and relax, they’ll run rings around themselves trying to help you.

Just remember, don’t be rude, be upset enough to express frustration, that’s a true reflection of your feelings and concerns, but being rude is an allowable call termination in call centres (except some mobile carriers who can’t terminate calls!).


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