Bank loans in Bulgaria

Bank loans in Bulgaria

My name is Hristo Dimitrov. I’m a student from Varna Bulgaria.

How to pick bank loans in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria you can borrow relatively easily for an apartment and pay it off within 30 years. The maximum loan amount for the banks are up to EUR 200,000.  Also, Bulgaria has low interest rates compared to other countries. The best conditions for buying a home are on Postbank

And DSK Bank.

For specific rules and percentages, you can look at them.

APR at individual interest rate selected for the purposes of the example * – 3.66%

An example of a fixed interest rate for the last 3 years and a variable interest rate (benchmark interest rate + margin) for the remaining term of the loan when included in the DSK Coz Plus Sales Prohibition Program.


The long-term interest rate for the implementation of the DSK Coz Plus program can be set in the range of 3.00% to 4.49%.



Amount of credit

BGN 100,000


Monthly payment

448,49 BGN


Term of the loan

30 years


Total length amount

163 479,28 BGN


APR at individual interest rate selected for the purposes of the example * – 3.66%


Fixed rate for those 3 years – 3.49%

Variable interest rate for the remaining term – 3.49%

Demand Consideration Fee and Credit Approval – 0.25% approval amount

Number of repayment instalments – 360

Fee for appraisal of the property (apartment) – 120 BGN.

Action fee on recommendation and registration of a legal mortgage – 35 BGN

DSK Pay + monthly fee – BGN 4.50

* Must be included in a dangerous property due to fraud risk in Bulgaria. The cost of insurance is not included in the APR. A part of GPR is known, which is known to the Bank, which is excluded from the insurance contract chosen by the client.


The interest rate for each contract is determined individually, considering these factors.



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