Arabs making headway with equality.

Not long ago I had a proper rant about the state of Arab nations because I read how a woman in Saudi Arabia was raped and her attackers got less jail time than she did (yes, they sent her to jail after being gang raped) and she also got 200 lashes, this is totally out of sync with my world view.

Today however I am reading the Middle East Times and see that the UAE are going to have women as judges soon, being a judge is one of the most important social offices available and is the reserve in almost every nation of the most intellectually sharp, it is also a good breeding ground for politicians and political advisors, so perhaps the UAE are going to lead the way in seeing that women can do a job just as well (and often better) than a man will, I would also bet that because they are aware of the huge burden they bear in terms of womens rights and how their performance will reflect on it that they will do an exempliary job.

One thing that erks me is that Bush is going to visit his old buddies in Saudi Arabia during his middle east visit. Interestingly enough every bomber from 9/11 was from that nation, they are a dictatorship and they have a deplorable human rights record, why has he not chosen to bomb them yet? I’ll never understand…

Anyways, Saudi’s are also doing their utmost to supress freedom of speech and reform, they recently jailed a blogger named Fouad Al-Farhan because he stated on the internet that he wanted to see political reform (oh the cheek of him!), its a good enough reason to go to war with the Iraqiis but apparently all it does for the Saudi’s is sponsor a state visit with open arms. Actually Iraq got a state sponsored visit too but theirs was from the US Marine Corp. Big difference…

Fouad Al-Farhan set out on a Jihad but it was one of peace and democracy, so as a mark of solidarity with another blogger who’s woes are now one of getting killed by the state or not I want to say that I think the Saudi’s should have a democracy, I think that its hard to stop terrorism, but its not too hard to stop state sponsored terrorism and for too long they have gotten away with far too much from their brutal human rights history to their connection via oil with the USA giving them carte blanche on all sorts of other issues. I would urge readers to check out

(some is in english) and to include links in your own blog, as this needs some world attention.

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