Apologies to our clients, we had a problem…

We’d like to apologise to all of our clients who interact with us via our website, some of you had called saying that applications were not responded to and we were adamant that we had replied to people and ran tests to check.

We were wrong, there was a glitch and some applications were quarantined in our email, we have the security settings as high as they can go and for some reason between the two systems it started to see communication from our own website as being spam-like.

Nobodies personal information was ever at risk, no data was lost, it was an effort to be overly vigilant which created the problem, it was over protected, nobody suffered any financial loss, and in an effort to help make amends we’ll offer some kind of sweetener to people who still choose to proceed with our firm.

Once again, we are sorry, it was a well intentioned high level of protection (which will stay as it is, we’ll just fix the error that created this particular problem) that has created a delayed response from our firm. We pride ourselves on rapid responses and hope you’ll understand how this happened.

All of the team at Irish Mortgage Brokers

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