1. M. Bailey

    Well Said Karl, the bankers should have all been Jailed, how dare they treat you that way, it was anti competitive the Kartel that they had, you were ENTITLED to your commission payments, they broke every rule in the book, you should have really issued proceedings against them, now that would have shaken them up, but finding a good reliable solicitor, now that would have been a tough one.

  2. Anne Marie


    I have amortgage of 117K on my home I am considering a split of 50/50 until the end of the term ( in 10 years time). I wil then owe 60k . But , at that point I will be able to sell a second property which will then be fully paid off . I am doing this becausse right now, life is difficult. all I am doing is paying bills, not living. I don’t have family so I dont have to worry about ‘leaving something to anyone’ or ‘supporting anyone’…Does what I am doing make sense, financially? Alternatively, the bank can wait for their 60k until I die and then they can take it from my ‘estate’. I welcome your comments

  3. Hi Anne Marie,

    It’s kind of hard to determine the right thing to do without knowing more. Normally that kind of advice comes after a consultation, I would suggest you talk to somebody you trust or get some professional advice.

    Sometimes it’s the best answer, other times it isn’t, it also depends on what happens to the ‘split’ portion, if it’s attracting interest you could get to the end of your mortgage and see that you lose out but that had you arranged things differently in the past it wouldn’t have had to be that way.

    So to summarise, you need to tell me more or talk to somebody!
    thanks for dropping by

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