The cost of the taxation system is a tax in itself

While I am not a believer in ‘flat tax’ this video from the Cato Institute does make some very valid points that stand true even in Ireland. The burden of compliance in taxation and elsewhere is actually a barrier to an efficient taxation system.

Taxation being complex is so widely accepted now that many don’t ask the fundamental question: If we/you are the one paying taxes is it too much to ask that they be made simple to understand and easily comprehended by the very people they affect? Perhaps the complexity of the taxation system is part of what protects it and stops people from asking these questions.

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  1. Good stuff from Cato. They just keep making epic videos. A tax system where payers can file their returns on a single slip of paper is appealing. But it does emphasise tax simplicity, when the real goal is *lower* taxes all around. Lawrence Vance if has a huge dislike for both flat and fair taxes.

    It could be worse though…we could be living in Germany.

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