1. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Pants

    Whilst I might be drifting from your point a tad I have read about The Mudaraba contract before in terms of purchasing a property and it made me laugh – Under Shariah, the making or receiving of interest-bearing
    loans is prohibited so when buying the house the Strictly Shariah abiding Muslim actually buys the property from the bank with a pre-determined mark up (usually a minimum of 20% of the purchase price) now correct me if i’m wrong but there really is fek all diffirence between this and buying the normal way as either way the bank is making thier interest!

    You say Tomato…..

  2. Fair point, and it is true, much of what happens in Islamic Finance is essentially not about the end result but about the process, in that respect it isn’t the end that justifies the means but rather than the means are central to the end.

    The final result is meant to be similar, it is modelled not as an alternative universe but as an alternative route which complies with Qu’uran directive to get a the result via different means.

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