Instant Recovery

It took a while to get inspired today, then I saw a book on the shelf I had read years ago called ‘Bill the Galactic Hero‘ which is an epic satire following Bill – a guy who gets his arms blown off and then the surgeons re-attach to left-arms. Anyway, he works on this ship/planet and it has a serious waste issue so he decides to ‘post’ people all around the galaxy (postage intergalactic-ally is virtually free) parcels of waste, thus eradicating the issue.

That is all it took to come up with ‘Property Recovery 2.0’, my plan will entail taking all of our waste and using it to create a landfill out into the sea for 500m off the coast in every desirable location, giving a new half kilometer of land. Then we cart in sand and in effect create new ‘Beach-front Property’, erecting a three metre wall around the old ‘coastline’ – to give the place an air of exclusivity of course!

This effectively separates the ‘old’ great views/great property people from the ‘new’ great view/great property. Automatic planning for various flashy houses is granted in advance and the lots go for millions per site. This restarts the construction sector, solve waste issues (obviously no poison waste goes into the landfill we’d still have to fix that), creates a bigger country (we could keep this up until we are larger than Britain I suspect), and gives hundreds of people the opportunity to own a house looking out over the beautiful Irish Sea or Atlantic Ocean.

We have a bumper take of revenue from stamp and the various activities it took to create the land and from the development of same, we bring in site value taxes and charge the new owners exorbitant rates to live on what is really a trash-pile and Bob’s your Uncle, we are back in the boom.

(if you are now outraged your missing the point).

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  1. DarrenC

    Im not outraged at all -Im gob-smacked! How come nobody has thought of this before?? -ur a bit of a genius really.
    Seriously thou, I know this is way off “topic” but what are your thoughts about the aussie property market. Im not as clued up on these things are you are but it just seems to me that they are ready for an almighty crash. They have been booming for about 10years and property prices just seem to keep going up? Rents are constantly rising too.
    Since ur in such a creative vein right I htought u might have an interesting take.

    keep bloggin,

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