Emergency Budget Blues

Emergency Budget blues
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I got emergency budget blues
Emergency budget blues
I’m so poor I can’t afford to ‘pay attention’
don’t know what I’ll do
And Brian’s telling you
here’s what we’re gonna do

levy’s on income, levy’s on health
Tax like you’ve never seen
we’ll rape your pocket n’ steal your wealth
until we fix the economy
we made the mistakes, but you foot the bill
we’ll promise we’ll change but we never will.

Emergency budget blues,
And old recession blues
I have enough gloom and doom
for the whole damn room
And all the pensioners too
So I’m tellin’ you
Here’s what they’re gonna do….

Tax my savings taxed my earnings
And raise up CGT
After the state is done with my cash
Will there be any left for me?
It doesn’t pay to work,
I’ll join the dole que
But they’re all screwed
Cause’ they chopped that too!

This year I made a small fortune
Investing in property
I started off with a big fortune
And loans on interest only
Now I’m 25% more in the red
Since they cut my mortgage relief

Emergency budget blues
Got Emergency budget blues
so poor I can’t afford to pay… attention
don’t know what I’ll do
Brians telling you
here’s what we’re gonna do

Santa won’t come this Christmas
for those who are unemployed
we’ll label you un-patri-otic
if the budget gets you annoyed.
Half the childcare supplement now
And in o-10 it is totally void.

This here recession
put me in a depression
I’m afraid to watch t.v.
In case the views
I hear in the news
are the final death of me
And if those sonsabitches
thought they could
they’d tax the air I breath!



  1. Well done. Am looking forward to your joining the Ukalele Orchestra of Great Britain.

  2. PatEx-Pat

    Nice one.Why not make a youtube video with a couple of pictures to go along with the song, im sure it would be a hit.

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