4 Economic Ways to Secure your Home



With COVID-19 still part of our daily life, people in Ireland are spending a lot of time at home. Because of the stay-at-home recommendations, many people are suddenly trying to find new ways of securing their homes. As compared to the past, smart home technology and artificial intelligence are changing the home security market. Regardless of the fancy models in currently in the market, there are some affordable and easy ways to secure your home. 

  1. Secure your doors

Close to 40 percent of burglars enter a home through the front door. Because of this reason, always ensure that your exterior doors are properly inspected to know whether the hinges are protected or if the frames are strong enough. If the home you move to was occupied by someone else before, ensure that you change the locks so that any key previously used can be rendered useless. Lastly, you could install deadbolts, use a video doorbell, install smart locks or add a strike plate.

  1. Lock the Windows

Windows are also entry points which can allow burglars gain access to your home. Window latches developed by window manufacturers are often flimsy and ineffective. To improve this, you could improve security with key-operated levers or locks. Additionally, you could plant some prickly flowers below the windows, add window bars, install glass or window break sensors, and use a window security film as a reinforcement for the glass. 

  1. Use Light 

Criminals, burglars, and vandals hate being on the spotlight. To keep this kind of people away from your home, always use bright outdoor lighting. For maximum effectiveness, ensure that the lights are on the back and front yards, near the garage, and along pathways. This will scare away intruders, and of course reduce the risk of you falling down as you walk to the front step. Additionally, you could use motion-activated lights, and use a timer to turn on the light. Remember to save energy using lights that are powered by solar energy. 

  1. Procure a security system

We are in the 21st century and this means that your home need to have some type of security system. It can be a professional home and monitoring system, or a basic DIY system. Today in Ireland, you can find  a lot of options to secure your home regardless of your budget and the level of security you want to achieve. To select the best system which you find comfortable, you need to evaluate your house and the requirements in your neighborhoods. 

All in all, these are some great and cheap strategies to keep your home safe and ensure that you sleep soundly at night. 


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