The way we tweet wisk

I put a tweet out asking ‘If you could roll a wheel with 50 numbers on it and if you get a 1 you die, but 2-49 reward you with €1,000,000 would you do it?’

Initial responses were:

@BrianHC – no [award for most direct answer]
@AllanCavanagh – do I owe someone a million quid who will kill me if I don’t pay it back? [award for most cynical answer]
@PatODonn – What type of death are we talking about? [award for ‘first person to ask a qualifier question’ answer]
@KenCurtin – yep I’d give it a twirl knowing I’d have a 2% chance of dying – 98% chance of survival sounds good to me [award for first quantified answer]
@PaulMWhelan – no chance! but is all risk subject to such a dire consequence as death? might be a good suggestion in this country 🙂 [award for most politically motivated answer]
@JennyFoxe – Yep, because if I didn’t I’d probably walk out and promptly get hit by a bus. [award for most fatalistic answwer]
@JL_Pagano – you doing research for Derek Mooney to boost his Sat night ratings? [award for celebrity oriented answer]
@DulachG Yeah, I’d spin the wheel, wouldn’t bother me![award for boundless optimism answer]
@SingleStrike – yes. So long as it’s not a sick joke and set to stop at 1  [award for most Machiavellian answer]
@astarmain – depends on what my income is. On 10k a year spin the wheel, on 10M I think I’ll pass. Personally I’d be a lot closer to spin. [award for most actuarial answer]
@NiamhPitts – what way do I die If I do [award for inquisitiveness answer]
@SheroSays – Yes, I would take those odds and roll the wheel. Would be quite a buzz too, I imagine.[award for most ‘balls-out I’d do it!’ answer]
@GreenIreland – in a few months most of the counrty would be queuing to roll it [most ‘IMF or worse is coming’ answer]
@PPTrader – The guys in the office are mulling your question over. They want to know how you die in your hypothetical situation? [most surprising answer – I figured you guys would have this one licked without further clarification required! Always looking for the edge! 🙂 ]
@cdo yes, if I built the wheel.[award for being the only one who would play the game as long as he could rig it first!]
@brianmlucey no. you? [award: the only one who asked me the same question back!]
@Mark6R –  Probably not, but it sounds like a great format for Winning Streak, I’d definitely watch. [award for most twisted interpretation for a reality show answer]
@GerryHarte – No, really not a good deal at all… surprised at all the yesses. [award for being shocked at human greed of others answer]

– as a social observation for @GerryHarte, look at the tweet from @DulachGdeath is one of the certainties of life, I don’t know why there’s hesitation?

Surprisingly a lot of people just wanted to know ‘how do you die’ as a caveat to choosing a yes/no. So I said ‘ya just drop dead’.

Once that was clarified we got a few extras

@PatODonn –  Fair enough I’ll have a piece of that action…..the civil service is like being in purgatory so deathwon’t be much of a change![having gotten his qualifier he said ‘yes’]
@JonIhle – yes [award for most committed answer minus qualifiers or dressing]


  1. Mark Henderson

    I really dont like the description given to me for my response to your tweet, I most certainly am not that type of person “Machiavellian” answer quote “using clever but often dishonest methods which deceive people so that you can win power or control”

  2. @Mark Henderson The rationale behind the answer/idea (as opposed to you individually) is the Machiavellian bit. That such a wheel could be set up and done with a default answer of ‘1’ (meaning you die) is definitely a dishonest wheel, one that could tempt people to spin it but with a defined outcome in advance. I’ll take the comment down if you really don’t like it, but I think it was fair? It is about the angle of the answer and not you as a person that I am referring to.

    let me know! I’ll chop it & this comment if you want.

  3. Mark Henderson

    No I don’t want you to take it off, I’m just affronted that off all the possibilities, I get the one that’s “dishonest” lol I should have just told the truth and said that I wouldn’t dice with death for any amount of money and if asked to use that wheel I would probably tell you where to stick, I honestly don’t mind it staying up to be viewed though,

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