The economy of Heppenheim

Heppenheim has a lot of commercial companies. The INFECTOPHARM for medicals. This company has approximately one hundred and eighty three employees and makes 121,4 millions in sales a year. The next one is KLN Ultraschall (builds ultrasonic devices). This one have two hundred employees and makes 50 millions in sales in the year. The third one is Odenwald Quelle GmBH. This company produces various types of beverages. There are one hundred eighteen employees and makes 22,42 millions in sales a year. And the last one is Lies Elektroanlagen. That’s a global company specialising in mechanical and electrotechnical assemblies and switchgear construction. This company has one hundred sixty employees and makes 19,2 millions in sales in the year.


Heppenheim is Part of the economically strong Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and is designed as a medium-sized center in the southern Hessian regional plan. Heppenheim is centrally located on the B3,B460 and A5/A7, almost halfway between Heidelberg and Darmstadt.

The Heppenheim train station is located in the city center with two platforms on the Main-Neckar-Bahn. The airfield is southwest of the city. The municipal area covers a total area of 5214 hectares, of which the hectares are divided of: building and open space, operating area, recreation area, traffic area, agriculture area, forest area and watersurface. It has favourable economic data, also in relation to the already favourable data of the Rhine-Neckar area and the Starkenburg Region ( above -average employment rate and particularly high proportion of academics with above-average purchasing power of the resident population).

In 1899 one of the first power plant in europa was built in Heppenheim. From 1900 two steam engines supplied electricity for Heppenheim and Bentheim. After the Second World War, numerous industrial companies were settled for example in the fields of mechanical engineering. The manufacturing industry was later by companies from the area of logistics, marketing and services


Tabea Fickel was an intern from Heppenheim at Irish Mortgage Brokers in 2022

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