1. basabe

    You are absolutely right – the Post Code Project Board report talks about efficiencies for Government Administration and Direct / Bulk Mail and Marketing – at no point does it mention any benefits to individuals. In addition, An Post have constantly highlighted that Post Codes as historically understood are no longer required for sorting mail and what is proposed will have the same resolution as the existing townlands in non urban areas – so no benefits even to Emergency Services – so why spend €40 million – there has to be some other pay pack????

    Clustering of properties into Postal code areas is the same as property rezoning – revaluation of properties supporting tax and creating more income for solicitors as private individuals bring the Government to court for the loss in property values associated with apparant negative rezoning

    And all this when a similar Post Code in Northern Ireland has been less than successful and there are significant efforts in the UK to free the PostCode from Royal Mail ownership.

  2. hi Basabe,

    thanks for the comment, I didn’t know about the UK issues you mentioned! I just found it odd that they didn’t really go into the gains to be had for the expenditure, surely during a year with such a tight public purse it would be prudent to have a really big list of justifications, none of them seem to hold water when compared to other more pertinent issues… anyway, i remain cynical for now! glad i’m not totally alone in that stance!

  3. Basabe


    …and what is not mentioned anywhere is that as properties are added and the population grows, the coding system will have to constnatly be re jigged to suit – menaing a constant flux in property zoing and related values and significant repercussions for individuals as the involuntarily get moved from one code to a possibly higher property tax code….

    Fact is that whilst many see postcodes as a neutral thing and a part of advancement, few realise the implications and that a traditional; postcode as proposed is a retrograde step!!!

    It is also not widely understood that to make the poposed postcode work – non urban properties (40% of the property stock) will have to have bits added to their address to distinguish one from another – i.e. a prperty number and road name will have to be added thereby affecting traditional addresses/placenames with likely legal repercussions for title deeds etc

  4. Basabe

    Re Postcodes in Northern Ireland – see here as a quick overview:

    The introduction of postcodes meant that road names and property numbers had to be added – this resulted in townland names falling into disuse – except in Fermanagh where they refused to introduce road names in th efirts place making the postcode system in that county unworkable.

    Seems that nobody in authority here is paying any attention to the experiences of our nearest neighbour….

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