Marginal costs explained

In Economics there is the idea of ‘costs’ of doing something, the cost creating a certain number of widgets is generally the ‘average cost’, additional units of production are created at ‘marginal cost’. This video is a simple one that aims to explain this using apples as the example of benefits/costs. etc. enjoy!


  1. The Video does not play for me (I use firefox).
    Even if I click through to youtube the video stops after a couple of seconds.
    I have seen the same thing happen on the Housing panic blog.
    No idea what the problem is though.

  2. Dotcommunism

    southofdub: You should ask someone in IT and not a mortguage broker how to fix your youtube and firefox explorer

  3. south of dub: i’m pure ff too but its working for me? tried it from home too and it was fine (just in case it was an IP thing), try opera maybe – can’t say its so good that ya might risk using ie! 😉

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