Irish Mortgage Brokers featured in the Irish Times

We were mentioned in the Irish Times in a piece by Cliff Taylor about the increase in the number of people seeking to refinance their home.

Rather than a fear of higher interest rates, Karl Deeter, of Irish Mortgage Brokers, believes it is primarily driven by people facing tightening (link to article here)

The crux of the point being made is that as inflation is affecting people and rates look set to rise that it is naturally driving people to consider ways to get better prices on one of their biggest outgoings and to get some assurance on what the price levels of their outgoings will be.

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  1. Mark Bradley


    In light of the interest rate increases, I was wondering if you could share your views on the mortgage market over the next few years? I’m currently on a fixed with Ulster until Sep 23 but have received a redemption letter with zero fee! Options are 4,5,7 & 10 yr fixed ranging from 2.35 to 2.85% Not sure how long to fix for, would appreciate any recommendations.

    Many Thanks


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