Impacts of technology on Irish Real Estate


Changes in consumer behavior and market conditions are slowly redefining the field of real estate technology. The Irish real estate market continues to expand, with investor interest keeping pace with the client base. Because this industry is unique, the technological impact on it may be felt in a particular manner. While this is going on, any real estate firm that wants to stay competitive will have to change. We can no longer ignore the evolution of real estate technology.

Moreover, individuals have remained at the heart of the service, advertising and advising customers on the best real estate property they buy or invest in using technology. Individual companies struggle to become undisputed leaders in the industry as it evolves to ensure customer loyalty, offering renewable energy solutions and intelligent houses beyond property products and services. Here are several ways in which technology can influence or is influencing the Irish real estate industry: –

    • Big Data: From driving business decisions to improving the customer experience, big data can significantly impact a company’s real estate. Many real estate companies collect a large amount of data without analyzing the trends or behaviors of their customers. Real estate investment companies who want to target the right customers must first figure out who they are and figure out how to make the most practical purchase and purchase. An extensive data collection is a valuable tool for finding the right buyers and an essential part of the property refining process.
    • Use of Drones: Apart from military activities, some companies have specialized in drone photography or videography today. Agents and owners can market a property more efficiently with drones, and buyers can get a true sense of what the property is like. Drone photography not only shows the scale of a building or a large project from an aerial perspective, but it also shows the surrounding areas, which can assist buyers in making decisions.
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The art of computer learning is to learn how to improve your performance based on prior experience or pattern recognition, and one example of a computer’s art is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Real estate investors use these systems to effectively manage risk, control expenses and generate higher profits by using algorithms to predict and affect investor concerns. Future buyers can match desired properties with real estate search analysis, making the broker’s job easier.


  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Smart homes rely heavily on the Internet of Things. It includes automating the control of household items such as curtains and electricity with a handheld or voice command. With the introduction of innovative home technology, homeowners’ perceptions of property have begun to shift. In Ireland, it becomes a game-changer for real estate developers. Instead of selling a shell to a house, developers prefer to provide buyers with internet-ready homes. Real estate agents are also expected to use IoT for home searches.



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