How to buy a property in Germany

To be able to buy a property in Germany you must be extremely well prepared. The real estate market is currently in the seller market, which means that the seller has a better market position than the buyer due to the high demand. For a house purchase in Germany to succeed, you have to consider the following.

First of all, and this is the most important point, is financing. To improve creditworthiness, you need to raise a high level of equity. That’s why it’s important to start saving early. Only when you have saved enough money, you can ask the bank for a loan. In order to get a loan from one, some requirements apply. On the one hand, you must have reached the age of 18, on the other hand, you must be able to prove that you have a German residence. Furthermore, the conditions apply that you may not have any debt entries and should have a sufficient regular income. In the price calculation step, the ancillary costs should not be ignored. These usually amount to an additional 13% of the purchase price. This includes real estate transfer tax, notary and brokerage fee.

After the question of financing has been clarified, you start looking for a suitable object. To do this, you think about exactly which properties the real estate should offer and at which points you can make compromises. In order to find the right object, you can either hire an estate agent or you can search the Internet for yourself.

Next, the final purchase price is negotiated and the financing via the bank is finally secured.

After that, an appointment with a notary is necessary. The notary appointment serves to fix the purchase contract and to clarify all legal questions.

The last steps are the entry in the land register and the transfer of the property. When handing over, it must be ensured that all agreements have been complied with.

After all the steps mentioned above have been completed, you are the proud owner of a property.


Tabea Conradi is in the second year of her commercial training. As part of the vocational school, she completed a three-week internship at our company in May 2022.

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