Housing crisis only expected to get worse until 2023

According to Focus Ireland, the most optimistic statement on housing released by the government reveals that the housing crisis will continue get worse until 2022 or later. This statement is considered very optimistic as housing issues will likely progress into 2023.

The Department of Housing targets 48,000 new home completions by 2023. If this target is achieved, 2023 could be the first time that housing supply could potentially exceed housing demand. Figures provided by the Department of Housing have shown the first time that an admission denoted housing and homelessness will only continue to get worse in the next few years.

Although the Department of Housing has set a target of 48,000 new homes to be built by 2023, this target could be missed. If the target is completed or surpassed then burdens associated with the housing crisis could be significantly reduced. The problems that could be reduced would include reduced homelessness and new homes would create more supply for social and affordable housing. However, if homes were to be sold at current market values then the impact on reducing homelessness would be drastically less significant.

The director of advocacy with Focus Ireland, Mike Allen stated his concerns in regard to the new housing provisions. He believes that the new housing provisions will be more market oriented. The only group refusing to become apart of the new housing target is the local authorities sector. In the past, the local authorities sector has provided almost a quarter of the housing stock.

Ultimately, the local authority sector can be doing much more in order to help reduce the associated issues with the housing crisis. Not only has the housing crisis caused issues of homelessness, but this homelessness issue is causing adverse effects on children impacted by homelessness. There is increasing acceptance of possible psychological problems caused by the displacement of stress from parents to their children. Children have also been shown to pick up on parental stress which is shown to affect the development of a child’s brain.

The housing crisis has presented many issues that were not expected. The massive increase in homelessness of families with children has created horrendous experiences that many people must go through. Local Authorities must consider helping manage the housing crisis in efforts to reduce the traumas Ireland faces. It is the duty of the state to take greater actions in reducing the immense effects of widespread homelessness of families and children throughout Ireland.

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