Greenspan & Rogers

Here are some interesting videos, the first is Alan Greenspan (former Federal Reserve Chairman) and he is talking about unemployment and credit spreads. The next one is Jim Rogers who talks about the commodity markets and the risk of inflation.

The two men are on opposite sides of the same valley, Greenspan was an academic who worked primarily in private practice (despite being more well known for his 19 year tenure at the Fed), and he believes in [at least in practice] fairly accommodating monetary policy. Rogers on the other hand (while he has university degrees and did have guest professorships at Columbia) is almost a pure practitioner who made a fortune in the 1970’s and retired at age 37. So on one hand you have an economic thinker with policy practice and on the other you have a guy who perhaps doesn’t care about policy so much as outcomes. Personally I have always been a fan of the bottom line and for that reason cannot discount what Jim Rogers talks about.

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