Dirty oul' town – why Wispa's might clean up our act

wispa ad on pathWin-Win‘ is a term most of us a familiar with, and often, in any negotiation it is the elusive solution, and in some cases it may as well be the philosophers stone. However, today I saw something (pic related) that gave me insiration, it was an advertisement for Wispa which was power washed into the pavement.

The news covered this story and in it Dublin City Council said they were against this kind of practice and they had their own people go out and power wash the ads away thus leaving fairly odd looking ‘white patches’ on an otherwise grimy city path. So here is the common sense approach dreamt up today.

1. Put a grid over the city, companies can buy certain grids for 6 months at a time – depending on the foot traffic there (that brings in money to the city)

2. In return companies can put their motifs on the paths – but the rule is that you can have them there for ten days then you have to power wash the whole path area that you did the ad on, and funnily they show up best on the dirtiest paths!

This would mean the city gets an income from something they were not using much anyway and our paths get cleaned for free, the companies advertising get their message out and everybody wins. A grid would have to be big enough that it would not all get used up in a short amount of time and so that the next leasee isn’t trying to power wash something where their logo won’t show up.

The downside is that you’ll have a patchwork of clean to dirty paths, in my opinion though, overall the paths would look generally cleaner, and the ones with the most foot traffic would get cleaned the most thus meaning that the core areas of Dublin would look pretty good. The other upside is that the council can make a revenue from this and at a time like this when money is getting tight it would be an innovative additional stream of income.

Worth thinking about I’d say!

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