A picture speaks 256,000 words

The Surveyors Journal did an excellent info-graphic on how much it costs to build a house (with no land cost factored in)

2016 cost of house construction irelandIt’s fairly clear that costs are not as simple as ‘cheaper land’. That is only one part of the equation, the other parts are things like local authority costs, Part V, VAT, expected profits, all of which are not directly linked to prime costs of the materials and labour that creates the construction part of the home.

Worth looking at twice before wondering why housing is so damn expensive.




  1. Martin

    A builder is going to pay 50,000 a site in any of the main urban areas. So minimum price is 306,466. Going to be a while before you see any building outside of Dublin.

    • Karl Deeter

      Tend to broadly agree, only sites where the cost was low will work easily. The other issue is that €300,000 purchase price is out of the reach of people earning average wages.

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