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  1. Mary Swanton

    Hi Karl,

    I saw you on Prime Time last night & I just want to praise you so much about what you said you would tell your children about this crisis. You are not spineless! Well done it has been too much about the banks…the banks …….the banks. Indeed what about the PEOPLE. In a week of such tragedy for families in Cork & Limerick. Also on a day that the banks (who are they?? these people) are being exposed for being untruthful on what has gone to Nama. They should be held to account.

    Well done for what you said …… have hit the nail on the head. How people are suffering & in many different ways. We are lucky that our 3 sons were not in a position to buy anything in the last no of years. OUr youngest has just finished college & left in September. 3 well educated sons that we are very proud of – well educated & exported. (one called Karl)

    Keep saying what your saying Karl – I for one fully support you. You will make your children very proud.


    Mary Swanton

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