our new bankruptcy offering

We have been in the debt solution space for many years now and we also offer personal insolvency solutions, but even with that there was a missing string to the bow which was bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a legal process and that is why we teamed up with one of Ireland’s experienced solicitors in this area to make the new joint venture. Anthony Joyce Solicitors in Dublin 8 have been working in the bankruptcy space for many years now and they also offer this solution in other jurisdictions. is a service which has two options which is a simple way of doing it for cheap by yourself with all of the instructions you may require as well as including a face to face meeting. The more involved option (typically for more complicated cases) is where you have various professionals with you throughout the process.

We have a unique service in this respect as we don’t just have qualified financial advisors, insolvency practitioners and solicitors. We also have compliance experts (to ensure the bank has dealt with you fairly), accountants, auditors and mortgage advisors. With this mix you can be sure that there is no aspect to your debt issues that we can’t try to resolve.

And if bankruptcy isn’t the right way to do it we’ll make sure you don’t attempt it.

These services are also regulated by the Central Bank and Law Society, something which many of our competitors don’t have. What does that mean? It means if you ever have a complaint (for instance about an informal debt deal) that you can go to the FSO or Central Bank with it rather than having to initiate a costly court case.

The combined experience of two long established firms is part of what makes such a compelling proposition and we hope that if you or anybody you know needs our help that you will send them our way so that we can show you what we can do.

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