Newstalk: Karl Deeter on the Pat Kenny show discussing pensions

The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk had us on to talk about the future of pensions and to help people understand some of the looming issues in the retirement space.

It is a complex problem which is affected by everything from home-ownership to central bank interest rates. The main thing to take from it is that everybody who can start a pension, no matter how small, should do so. One of the biggest issues is the fact that people don’t even have one they can contribute to.

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  1. Daniel Doyle

    I am shortly due to retire and draw my state pension, I currently receive a small UK pension however I read recently of forthcoming changes to pensions in relation to tax. Can you offer any advise on this please. Would I need to inform my pension providers in Ireland and UK about my pensions, I was told that up to 90% of pensions will become taxable. I’m somewhat confused and hope you can assist.
    Daniel Tel *********

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