Budget night 2015: Vincent Browne’s ‘Tonight’ show on TV3

On the night of Budget 2015 we were asked to participate in a large panel discussion on Vincent Browne’s ‘Tonight’ show. We tried to make the point that the budget was not one that should have people too disappointed, it was the first time in years that anything came back to tax payers rather than taking more (apart from the better paid who now have a super USC rate).

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RTE Primetime spoke to Irish Mortgage Brokers about lending caps

Robert Shortt from RTE’s Primetime show spoke to us about the Central Bank idea of putting caps on lending in terms of the loan to value and the loan to income ratios. There is a sense in this, but we don’t believe such a crude instrument is nuanced enough to negate the downsides that such a policy brings with it. There are better ways to do this and they should be explored.

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TV3: Tonight with Ivan Yates on the Mortgage Report of the Finance Committee

We were happy to take part in the Tonight show on TV3, we looked at some of the issues that politicians and regulators can generally get vocal about.

The issues of social housing failure and keeping people with wealth in houses were two main points, as well as that of the unfairness of people who borrow getting access to social housing ahead of the people who were poor all along.

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Morning Edition on RTE

We were asked to review the papers on RTE’s ‘Morning Edition’. Sarah McCabe from the Independent and Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers were there to look at the stories of the day.

We looked at some of the developments of the Tuam babies story, children’s allowance, and the story about the Irish Bank Officials Association potentially seeking a raise for bank staff.

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