In the Press

We stopped updating this page in 2013 as it became too much to manage, most of the information is now on our blog, just not in a big ‘press clips’ area. We keep radio interviews, TV clips and the odd press mention there too.

12th December 2012: Sunshine 106.8fm: Lynsey Dolan and Karl Deeter personal finance show

6th December 2012: The Irish Sun: The devil is in the detail

2nd December 2012: Sunday Independent: Why a site value tax is best

22nd November 2012: Independent: Fresh hope for those on 100% mortgages

21st November 2012: TV3 The Morning Show: Mortgage solutions that do and don’t work

17th November 2012: Independent: Fear that ending TRS will hurt the market

12th November 2012: Portland Evening Press: Read More