Sorted! Survive and thrive in a recession

I like John Maguire, and a part of me knows that this article is about a bit of spin to make interesting reading, but it also provokes a bit of a laugh too because the quotes are pure gold… (having met the guy I can’t help but suspect it was ghost written).

At the starting line of the Berlin Marathon, I chain-smoked five cigarettes while rubbing Tiger Balm into my legs.

I used to joke that only two things would survive a nuclear winter: cockroaches and me.”

The smart thing would have been to take my spare cash and move to my mortgage-free place in Dubai with its private beach.”

I would do things other people were not prepared to do, just to prove a point.”

In between those legendary quotes there is the story of taking a dive into the downturn that so many in this industry have faced, I can tell you from experience it is a painful learning experience, but learn you will whether you want to or not.

John has a book out called ‘Sorted! How to survive and thrive when money is tight’, published by penguin, link here.

For our part we wish him every success in the future, we’ll stay punching it out in mortgage no-mans land and hope that 2012 is a better year than 2011!

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