Wuppertal Geography and Facts

Wuppertal is the biggest city in the nearby area which is called ‘’Bergisches Land’’. With a population of over 354.000 people, the city takes up an area of about 169.000 square km. This makes Wuppertal the seventeenth largest cities in Germany. 

The coordinates of the city are: 51°16′12″ N; 7°10′03″ O.

The Wupper river, where the city gets its name, is a 116km long river that flows through the heart of the city. Wuppertal has several villas dating from the 18th and early 19th century when the city as it is today was founded. There are also more than 4500 protected historic monument buildings within the city. The main feature of the city is the suspension railway system. It is a unique means of transportation, which consists of a train turned completely upside down that runs over the Wupper River. 

Wuppertal is the biggest city in the area, and known for its steep slopes and lush woods and parks. the city is also the greenest city in all of Germany, with two-thirds of the entire municipal area being covered in green. 

The area around Wuppertal is called “Das Bergische Land” which means translated “the mountainous country”. 

Often you hear about many cities where it seems to rain almost everyday. Dublin is definitely no exception to this. Germany also has its fair share of rainy cities. Wuppertal holds the title for most rainy city in all of Germany. Even though Dublin is known for being a rainy city, comparing Dublin and Wuppertal’s annual rainfall produced some interesting results. I found that it in Dublin, the average annual rainfall is roughly 767mm. This is also the same average that occurs in the United States. The entirety of Ireland however, can see average annual rainfall of over 1500mm. Germany’s national average for rainfall tops the scales at only 570mm annually. Being the rainiest city in Germany, Wuppertal’s rainfall reaches nearly 900mm.


Niklas Schrewe, 19.11.2019

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