Recreation and things to do in Wesel, Germany

If you will be in Wesel, you have many things you can do. The Willibrordi-Cathedral is one of the most beautiful sights in Wesel. The cathedral stands directly on the large market (in German: Großer Markt), where the former old town hall can also be found. The architecture of the buildings is very worth to see. In summer you also can sit at the place in front of the cathedral and eat some ice cream or drink some wine in the evening.

If you walk through the city center, you can find some life-size statues of donkeys. They are since the 19th century the symbol animals of Wesel. Every donkey has other colors and patterns and they are often to find in front of the shops or other buildings.
After your way through the city center you will see another important building of Wesel, the “Berliner Tor”. It is like a big gate with some figures over it. It was built around 1720.

One more thing to do is to visit the citadel. The Prussian Museum Wesel in the Citadel complex shows the 300-year history of Brandenburg-Prussia as well as its influence on the Rhineland and Wesel. On 2000 square meters of exhibition space, the history of the Rhineland at the beginning of the 17th century, church and educational history in the 19th century up to the role of Prussia in the Weimar Republic and in National Socialism are presented.

The music and art school has been located in the building of Barracks VIII, which is the east wing of the Wesel Citadel, since 1991. The building was built in 1809 under French rule. The music school offers the learning of a variety of instruments. There are also offers such as the children’s choir, ballet lessons and a musical music theatre. In the arts sector, lessons in visual design are offered.

If the weather is good during your visit in Wesel, you can use it to have a drink on the Rhine promenade, to recover yourself at the Auesee (it is a lake with a tiny beach) or in the outdoor swimming pool next to the Rhine.
If you want to do some sportive activities, you can ride a bike well. In Wesel there are many beautiful cycling and hiking trails through the beautiful nature and the forests in Wesel and the surrounding area.


My name is Xenia, I am from Germany and I am an intern at the Irish Mortgage Brokers.

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