Will housing for all work?

Ireland was in housing crisis before the Covid-19 pandemic, but the situation has worsened due to the pandemic. The housing crisis was caused by high unemployment,then because property is sold preferentially to profitable companies and rents have increased more tha 60% since 2010.

Right now, Ireland’s housing system is not meeting the needs of enough people:

There are not enough houses to buy or rent There is not enough social housing The cost of building housing is rising Too many people are homeless Too much vacant housing stock remains unused

Because of that The Government came up with Housing for All plan. Housing for All is the Government’s new plan how to decrease homelessness in Ireland by 2030, and it was published on 2 September 2021. This plan is intended to support homeownership and increase affordability, increase social housing delivery and support social inclusion, increase new housing supply and adress vacancy and efficient use of existing stock. Government believes it can embed environmental, economic and social sustainability in housing system for future generations. The State will invest more than 4 …

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Avant Money turned 1 year old, and in that time they changed everything.

Avant Money is part of the Bankinter group and they have been in the market for just one year and in that time they have been transformational in terms of what they have achieved in the current landscape.

To begin with they came in and offered the lowest rates we have ever had since the days of tracker mortgages, their fixed rates were also available for longer durations at these low rates than the other leading rates of the day. After that they brought out a suite of fixed rates which were also at the forefront of the market.

As a lender who distributes exclusively through brokers this is wonderful in our view as it drives people towards independent financial advice and greater selection. We can’t wait to see what Avant Money has coming down the line in year two!

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Is there a Housing Crisis in Ireland​?


The housing sector in Ireland has been faced with challenges over recent years. Compared to the early 2000s, many Irish citizens have taken for granted the abundant, affordable housing favored by government policy and economic security. These assumptions have been costly, and the country has been hit by a worsening housing crisis leading to homelessness.  Research shows that homeownership has fallen as homelessness, demand, and eviction rise, resulting in shortages, as rising prices are fueling everyday political debates, campaigns, and street protests.

Historical data show that Ireland was among the countries with high home and property owners rates in the past. But in recent times, things have shifted as many people have been left homeless due to eviction and selling properties to private rental owners. Below are some causes leading to the housing crisis in Ireland.

High housing prices. House prices have risen as a result of housing difficulties, according to studies. High demand but less supply. Demand drives the housing market; this causes the few available houses to be sold out within a short period, causing others to …

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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Stock Market and Index?

Investing in the stock market is now more viable than ever. Empirical evidence and market data suggest that returns are determined by time on the market rather than market time. Various points of departure can provide better returns, particularly in the short term, for people who want to build wealth over their lives. Now to the topic of discussion, is now the good time to invest in the stock market? Well, it depends on the angle of answering the question.

Today, the stock market acts like a compounding machine; the longer investors hold their stocks, the more likely they are to profit. Cash on the market now is more likely to be worth it than cash on the market a year from now. As an enthusiast, you should note that the stock market is impossible to predict; hence nobody knows what it will do tomorrow or the next day. The best an individual can hope for is to understand better how stocks work and why they fluctuate. When you try to wait for the ideal time to invest, however, you’ll …

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What to Expect as a First Time Home Buyers in Ireland


It is always every person’s dream is to own a house, and there are always ways to achieve it. Nobody realizes how much time and effort it takes to get a first-time home buyer loan. The most crucial and first step in becoming a homeowner is to develop the proper mindsets. This is determined by several factors, including the cost of the home and the type of mortgage one has to obtain.

In Ireland, the number of first-time homebuyers has increased drastically. Recent data show that more than 3000 new house buyers applied for a mortgage loan to finance housing plans despite the many financial challenges that the pandemic has bought. Depending on the loan options, it is easier to buy a home, but they also make selecting the right mortgage more difficult. It is essential to know that first-time house buyers have their ups and downs depending on the opportunities that came around.

To be eligible as a first-time home buyer, the following are some of the rules individuals have to follow before buying a house in Ireland. …

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Best Places to live in Ireland outside of Dublin

Many people dream of living in Ireland: with its gorgeous countryside views and culture-rich cities, there’s not much to dislike. The biggest and most famous city in the country is the capital city of Dublin, famous for its pubs, diverse community, and unique culture. However, Dublin is also by far the most expensive place to live in Ireland. If you’re looking to move to the Emerald Isle and would like to save some money while doing so, here are some great areas outside of the capital to consider.


Located on the River Corrib next to the Atlantic Ocean, anyone who visits Galway will fall in love with it. Considered the cultural center of Ireland, this coastal town has a lot to offer at a fraction of the price of living in Dublin. Rental prices are 50-80 percent cheaper than in Dublin, and Galway still has a lot to offer culturally, with festivals throughout the year and many culinary options. In fact, Galway is so culturally rich that it was named the European capital of culture in …

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Pros and cons of a variable rate mortgage

A variable rate mortgage is a mortgage in which the interest rate on the outstanding balance changes periodically. Typically, these loans will have fixed, or “teaser” interest rates for a specified amount of time, after which the interest rate will change based on a variety of factors. In most cases, the initial interest rate on a variable rate loan will be lower than a fixed rate, which can be appealing for homebuyers. But it is important to be aware of the pros and cons before jumping into a variable rate loan.



The number one advantage of a variable rate mortgage is flexibility. With a variable rate mortgage, you don’t need to worry about penalties for things like increasing your monthly payment, or paying off your mortgage early. You also have the ability to make lump-sum payments on your mortgage throughout the year, which can be very helpful for home buyers with a fluctuating income affected by bonuses or commissions. If your life is likely to change relatively soon, and you plan on eventually moving or selling the house, …

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How to win a bidding war on a house

So, you’ve found your perfect home. The only problem is that the home that is perfect for you also happens to be perfect for several other buyers. In markets with high demand and low inventory, also known as seller’s markets, bidding wars can be quite commonplace. And because of already increasing demand, combined with a year-long halt in construction due to the pandemic, Ireland is in a seller’s market right now. This means that many houses will have multiple buyers attracted to the property, which can hurt your chances of securing the home of your dreams. In this blog, we’ll consider some strategies to ensure you walk away with your dream home

Make the highest offer

The most obvious way to win a bidding war is to simply make the highest offer.  Because the seller is usually trying to make as much money as possible, the highest offer usually holds a lot of weight. So, if you can scrape together some extra cash to outbid the competition, you will most likely be the top choice of the seller. However, under …

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3 Economic Ways to Revive Your Outdoor Space


A few individuals in Ireland have the luxury of enjoying their property’s outdoor space. Therefore, if you have enough outdoor space, you need to ensure that it is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This space will encourage you to spend more time outside while enabling you to make use of the space that you have at your disposal. This article shares 3 cheat but useflu ways that you can use to revive your outdoor space. 

Grow some plants

To revive your outdoor space, the best and easiest thing you can do is growing plants, even if they are potted. To grow these plants, you need to undertake a research of the varieties of plants that grow well in your area. This is the best way to ensure that the plants can grow and thrive with your region’s climate. Apart from potted plants you can place on the ground, you could also hand plants in baskets and pots which may revive your outdoor space. The plants can also act as a partition for your outdoor space and can define the …

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