Irish Mortgage Brokers we have only ever had one focus, our customers best interest. To serve your best interest we need the best people, that’s why every one of our staff have either their Mortgage Diploma [LIAM], are a Certified Chartered Accountant [ACCA],  or hold their Qualified Financial Advisor Diploma [QFA] – and this doesn’t take into account many of the other university and professional qualifications awarded to members of our team.

We have survived the massive mortgage and property crisis that gripped the nation from 2008 to present day and believe  this can only happen in an environment where efficiency and value are paramount. Part of that efficiency is in our transparent approach to dealing with you. Our system is based online and you can log into it at your leisure, you can see exactly what our consultants can see at any time day or night. We don’t know of any other company that is so confident in their own process that they are willing to expose themselves to complete client scrutiny.

When it comes to saving money there is a multi-pronged approach, firstly we give advice that will serve you not only in the short term but in the long term as well, whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, we then couple that advice with the best mortgage rates available so that you can be sure you are not paying above the odds. That is then matched with independent advice, service, professionalism and ongoing contact to give you access to qualified professional financial advice for the life of your loan. You see, we realised long ago that by taking care of the people we already deal with that they will tell their friends and that’s not only the best way of growing a company, it’s also a huge compliment for Irish Mortgage Brokers.

In addition to mortgage products we also offer a comprehensive range of life assurance and pension products, we have agreements in place that will allow us to access products at a discounted rate as well.

We have helped First Time Buyers, Owner Occupiers who want to Remortgage or refinance, Investors, and people Trading Up, throughout our experience the constant message we hear is that good advice and access to cutting edge products delivered over a platform that encourages complete honesty with the client is central to our success.

In dealing with Irish Mortgage Brokers you are getting the best mortgage rates available, clear professional independent advice done in a manner that promotes absolute integrity and transparency by a person who is qualified to give that advice and legal deals that will save you thousands. Quite frankly our intention isn’t to be the biggest…. It’s just to be the best.

We also have an arm of the business dedicated to financial planning, check it out over on